What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

dental plaque on tooth

We don’t usually associate dental work as an emergency, but some accidents require the immediate attention of a dentist. What situations can be considered dental emergencies?

Excessive Gum Bleeding

Do your gums bleed a lot? Excessive gum bleeding is a sign of severe gum infection or gingivitis. When you disregard this disease, you may lose one or more of your teeth later on. Not only that, gum disease is linked to various illnesses and can even worsen chronic diseases. If your gums are bleeding non-stop, it’s time to visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Infection or Abscess

A tooth infection can slowly creep into the gums and jaw bone. When the disease becomes severe, it can develop an abscess or a pus-filled balloon in your gums. This is not only painful but also difficult to live with. It can affect your daily routine and make it hard for you to eat, talk, and smile. Abscesses must be drained immediately, and the infection should be treated with the correct antibiotics.

Severe Tooth Pain

Some patients think they can simply take painkillers to relieve tooth pain. But if the pain is hindering you from doing regular daily activities such as working, studying, and especially eating, you shouldn’t take it lightly. This may mean your tooth is severely decayed, and you may need either a root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

Broken Restoration

A broken or damaged crown, bridge, or filling needs to be replaced immediately. Damaged restorations can open up the vulnerable areas of the tooth that they previously protected. In this case, the restorations must be removed and replaced with new ones.

Broken Orthodontics

Broken braces can be dangerous because of the metal pieces. You will need immediate orthodontic care to fix the damage and prevent severe injuries to your mouth and gums.

Broken Tooth

When you accidentally hit your tooth, it can break or chip off. In this case, you need immediate restoration because the fractured tooth can be painful. If the damage is big enough, it can expose the tooth pulp,which houses the tooth tissue and nerves. The exposed pulp is very sensitive even to air, and this can cause extreme pain and discomfort.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Dentists can usually reattach a tooth that was accidentally knocked out of the socket, but it needs to be done within an hour of the accident. Ensure you clean the tooth and soak it in milk while transporting it to the dentist’s office.

Find an Emergency Dentist in St Marys

Western Sydney Smiles has an emergency dental service and reserved appointment spots. Visit us as soon as possible for any emergency case. Getting immediate treatment is the only way to guarantee a high chance of recovery.

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