Check Up & Clean

New Patient offer Check Up, Clean and X-rays for only $199* (valued at $360)

Why do we need a Check Up?

Been putting off going to the dentist? When was the last time you had a check-up? Why not take the Western Sydney Smiles Dentist challenge today! Come in and enjoy the benefits of a relaxed atmosphere, with a knowledgable and dedicated team.

Good dental health has been proven to help promote a healthy body and mind, and linked to many conditions such as Diabetes and Heart Disease. Just like servicing our car, our body needs a service too!

At Western Sydney Smiles we don’t just look at your teeth. We see ourselves as a team of Oral Health Professionals with the aim of ensuring not only your teeth and gums are healthy, but also its supporting structures like muscles and joints.

Our day to day lifestyle causes the build up of plaque (that furry feeling) and tartar (yellow hard stuff). We recommend our patients have a check up and clean every 6 months to ensure problems are prevented or addressed with the least amount of effort and cost.

*New patient offer valid for new patients only

Your check up & clean includes:

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Teeth Whitening

$799/ $1000

What happens at your check up & clean visit?

We love to find out more about you, what concerns you may have, and what measures you currently take to maintain your Oral Health.

Once we know a little more about your habits the dentists then conduct a very thorough examination of your teeth, gums, check your muscles, joints and bones of your head and neck.

An examination at Western Sydney Smiles involves the following:

  • Visual inspection of teeth and gums
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Charting of all your teeth
  • Exploration of teeth and gums for decay or signs of inflammation
  • Clinical photos to obtain base-line record
  • X-rays to explore and see things we can’t with our naked eye

After showing you problem areas, your dentist will then start removing any built up plaque and tartar. You will be shown areas that you may need to focus your attention at home. Finally fluoride is placed over your teeth to help protect them from further or new decay.

What happens after your check up & clean?

Once the examination has been completed, your dentist will provide you with a summary and explain through pictures your Oral Hygiene status. This is a great time to take advantage of your dentist’s knowledge and expertise and ask as many questions as you like regarding your personal oral health. Of course you can contact us at anytime should you have further questions. Your dentist will then provide you with options to treat any findings or concerns you may have.
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