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Dentistry for Kids in St Marys and St Claire

When should you visit the dentist?

As soon as your child starts to develop teeth it is a good idea to ensure correct steps are taken to minimise early decay. Regular check-ups should commence from the age of two.

What is Early Child-hood caries or bottle caries?

Early Child-hood caries (ECC) is tooth decay that occurs in babies or infants. This usually occurs due to leaving milk bottles in the child’s mouth for extended periods of time. It is important to “lift the lip” of the child to ensure the new teeth do not show signs of early decay

They are just baby teeth right?

A common mis-conception is that “they are just baby teeth” and adult teeth will replace them so we do not have to be concerned. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. Healthy baby teeth lay the required foundation and space to ensure your child’s teeth, gums, jaw and face develop correctly. Early loss of baby teeth due to decay can not only result in infections which are very painful and harmful, but also affect the development of your child facial structure.

What happens at the first visit?

Not only for St Marys dentist and St Claire dentist, but for other places too, the dentist gets to know your child and makes them familiar with the environment. This ensures that your child has a positive experience. Once your child reaches an age of 4-6 years the Dentist or Dental therapist may take X-rays to ensure small cavities (holes) are picked up early. Picking up holes early will ensure minimal if not any fillings are needed.

Tips for parents

Kid’s are very good at sensing nervousness or anxiety from their parents. Avoiding words such as “pain” or “needle” and telling them dental visits are normal activities to make sure we are healthy are important ways we can make their first visit fun and enjoyable.

Balanced Diet

The majority of good dental care and health in general is a balanced diet. Sugar in particular and how often we consume it is very important in the development of tooth decay. It is important that kid’s understand that sweets, lollies and fast food are “sometimes” foods and vegetables, meats and natural dairy are “all the time foods.”

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