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Western Sydney Smiles is the best dental clinic near Hebersham. We offer the best dental services for our patients using the latest tools and innovations in dentistry. If you need dental care and treatment, our clinic is always open to serving you.

Our General Dentistry Services in Hebersham

Most dental problems can be treated with our general dental services, including:

  1. Restorative dentistry. We can restore the structure and strength of your teeth using prosthetics such as bridges, crowns, dental implants, dentures, and dental filling.
  2. Tooth extraction. We extract teeth that can no longer be saved through restoration. We will perform all diagnostic procedures needed to determine whether or not extraction is the best option.
  3. Gum disease treatment. It’s crucial to spot gum disease early because the effects can be irreversible as it worsens. We can detect gum disease on your initial visit and apply immediate treatment to prevent further complications.
  4. Root canal treatment. We recommend root canal treatment to save your tooth from deep decay. The procedure can preserve most of the natural tooth structure while effectively disinfecting the inside of the tooth.
  5. Emergency dentistry. If you’re in pain, don’t wait to see us. Our clinic is open 24/7 for dental emergencies. We can provide immediate treatment so that your toothache or a broken tooth doesn’t keep hurting.
  6. Children’s dentistry. The dental team at our practice is friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic to help your child become comfortable in the dentist’s chair. We will make sure your child’s teeth are developing correctly.
  7. Check-up and cleaning. New patients can take advantage of our promo. Through comprehensive check-ups and regular cleaning, you can maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Hebersham

Get a brighter and more beautiful smile through the following cosmetic dental procedures:

  1. Clear braces. Patients who don’t want to wear metal braces can choose clear aligners for straightening their teeth. We have flexible payment plans available for your convenience.
  2. Teeth whitening. A dazzling white smile is the best confidence booster. Our in-chair whitening promo is available for new patients who want to improve their smiles.
  3. Veneers. Getting porcelain veneers has never gotten more accessible with our new package. You can have the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted with these long-lasting prosthetics.

FAQs to our Local Hebersham Dentist

. How often should I visit the dentist?

It is highly recommended to get teeth cleaning and check-up every six months. If there are any issues, they can be treated early, so you don’t have to worry about them getting worse.

. How can I get to Hebersham Dentist?

Western Sydney Smiles is less than a 15-minute drive from Hebersham. Our clinic is located right across from St Marys Police Station. You can easily reach us using private or public transport.

. Do you provide dental insurance in Hebersham?

Western Sydney Smiles wants all patients to feel welcome when visiting the dentist. We offer affordable rates, which are clearly explained upfront for transparency. While we do not have insurance coverage, we offer installment plans subject to credit approval. We will discuss all prices with you before proceeding with treatment to ensure that we are all on the same page.

. How do I schedule my check-up in Hebersham?

To schedule your appointment at Western Sydney Smiles, you may book using our online portal or give us a call. Our clinic is open every day, with Sundays by appointment only. You can also visit us anytime for emergency dental assistance.

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