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Are you looking for the best local dentist in Mount Druitt? Western Sydney Smiles is the best place to visit. Our friendly and highly-trained staff will ensure that all of your dental needs are addressed. We have high-end facilities and use the latest dental technology for all of our dental procedures and treatments.

Our General Dentistry Services in Mount Druitt

Our general dental services can solve all kinds of dental problems, such as:

  1. Gum disease treatment. The foundation of the teeth is the gums. We can spot gum disease in its earliest stages. We recommend getting treatment immediately to avoid complications such as tooth loss.
  2. Children’s dentistry. The best way to ensure that your child has healthy teeth is by making visits to the children’s dentist. Our staff members are friendly and will help make sure they feel comfortable inside the clinic.
  3. Root canal treatment. Even with deep decay, your teeth can still be restored through root canal treatment. We guarantee a safe and pain-free procedure that will last for years.
  4. Emergency dentistry. You can always visit our clinic for emergency dental care. We have a 24-hour service that will take you in any time, day or night.
  5. Dental restorations. We have complete dental restorations for all kinds of tooth damage. We can restore teeth using crowns, bridges, fillings, bonding, dentures, and implants.
  6. Check-up and cleaning. The best way to keep your oral health in shape is by getting a complete dental exam. The dentist can detect early signs of mouth disease and help you keep up with regular visits. We also offer diagnostics and cleaning for new patients.
  7. Tooth extraction. We only offer tooth extraction for the most severe cases of tooth decay or damage. We will carefully examine your teeth to see if this is the only option left or if restoration is still possible.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Mount Druitt

Increase your confidence and get a beautiful smile with our cosmetic dental treatments:

  1. Veneers. Cover up the imperfections of your front teeth with porcelain veneers. These are long-lasting and beautiful solutions to fix tooth gaps, discolouration, and damage. We have a special offer that will guarantee excellent results.
  2. Invisible braces. Clear aligners are the best alternative to metal braces. They can fix malocclusions in as short as six months. We provide easy payment plans to give patients flexibility while undergoing treatment.
  3. Teeth whitening. Our in-clinic teeth whitening promo is available for new patients to enjoy. We will help you get the smile that will give you an extra confidence boost.

FAQs to our Mount Druitt Dentist

. How often should I visit the dentist?

Dental professionals recommend dental cleaning and check-ups every six months to catch any potential issues before they can get worse.

. How can I get to Mount Druitt Dentist?

Western Sydney Smiles is conveniently located right across the street from St Marys Police Station. We are ten minutes away from Mount Druitt, which makes us easy to reach with public or private transport.

. Do you provide dental insurance in Mount Druitt?

Our dental services are not covered by insurance. We know that some people may not be able or willing to pay for their procedures right away. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans, zero-interest installment options and transparent prices so you can decide which treatment is best suited to your budget.

. How do I schedule my check-up in Mount Druitt?

Our clinic is open every day, with Sundays available by appointment and for emergency cases. We also have after-hours emergency services for 24/7 assistance. To set an appointment with us, you may use our online booking system or call us at our hotline number 02 8806 1367.

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